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Sarah and Rod
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Main Description: My husband and I own and run a horse trekking centre. We have 27 horses, some of which are quite young and need further training. We are looking for good riders to continue these horses' training. There are also farm orientated jobs to catch up on, such as grubbling out noxious weeds, clearing scrub off the tracks and moving rocks out of the river fords we cross.When there are horse treks help is needed to get horses ready and escort the treks. Currently, October 2013, we are full up with Woofers, till Jan. 2014

Children: No
Persons: Two at one time
Area: 52hectares
Organic Food:
Organic Principles: We dont use sprays on fruit and vege plants

General Information:
We also have extensive gardens and help is appreciated with mowing and weeding in the summer. We have three very noisy sheepdogs and five bossy cats. Rod and I lived in the UK for twenty years and raised our New Zealand born children there. Rod drove trucks all over Europe and I was a gardener. In our youth we hitch hiked in Europe and Rod travelled to Morocco. These days I struggle to keep up with the work in my beloved garden and Rod, who had a bad riding accident in 2003, struggles to keep up with trimming the horses' feet. Blenheim has a very good climate, usually, with lots of sun even in the winter. This is good cycling country with several keen cycling clubs. Also good walking country. Lots of cafes in town, ten minutes drive away, and Internet sites plus free Internet access at the library. There are two gyms, a new swimming pool and a cinema. For accommodation we have a two room sleep out, but our visitors have to come into the house to use bathroom facilities. We are predominately meat eaters here but an English girl, who stayed for two years, was vegetarian and she survived my cooking!To come here you need to love animals as they are everywhere! We prefer young Woofers to come for at least two weeks as it takes a while to learn which horse is which. Several Woofers have stayed for some months, often after they meant to move on elsewhere but were very happy here with the horses and the lifestyle and just didn't want to go!

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Feedback from Friederike:

If you want to learn about Natural Horsemanship and work a lot with young, interesting horses in a very nice area, come to High Country Horse Trecks! Sarah and Rod a very friendly and the sleepout is soo cosy! I stayed for three weeks and had a very good time! Your own car is very usefull to get away from the farm from time to time! posted Tuesday 11th of December 2012

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