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Main Description: This is a guest listing. We have been living on our land here in the valley since 1994. We WWOOFed in Europe in 1998 and have hosted WWOOFers over the years. We run about 40 breeding cows but mainly our land is regenerating bush (with a lot of gorse!). Raised beds/worm farming for our greens. Beds ready to plant with new season.

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Feedback from Sandie and No wwoofers until late June:

Liana came to us with big storms on the horizon and we worked and played happily together. Her work was always methodical and conscientious singing like a wee bird. She quietly made a sweet hair wrap for me and a beautiful hemp necklace which I will treasure always. She loved to share her guitar playing and singing around the retreat it put smiles on the faces around us. Liana is a lovely wwoofer to bless your home.Blessings on your Journey Liana thankyou for sharing your sweet soul. Sandie Jivana Retreat West Coast 2011 posted Tuesday 26th of July 2011